Solar Panel


Solar panels can be called as the heart of the solar power system. They are the most critical component as they convert the Sun’s energy into electric energy with its PV properties. Using the best quality solar panels ensures the long term functioning of the system and the cost of maintenance is also minimal – only needed to clean the glass surface at regular intervals to make sure each panel absorbs the sufficient amount of sunlight

  • High Efficiency Tier – 1 Panels
  • 25 Years efficiency warranty
  • Full black panels available 




The inverters can be similar to the nervous system. Just like our network of arteries and veins is responsible of making sure all the body parts get fresh blood and the regular supply of oxygen, the inverters in a solar power system make sure that the power is converted from DC to AC so that it can be used by our household and commercial appliances.


  • Premium battery inverters
  • Dual MTTP Tracker
  • Micro inverters available



The batteries store the energy generated from the PV cells during the day. This stored power can be used at night or when there is insufficient sunlight on a cloudy day or when it rains. Using high-quality batteries that require least maintenance ensures that the power system is always running at the highest efficiency.

  • Create and store energy independently
  • Low payback period
  • Secure investment

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We are local and privately owned solar company with fully licensed and well experienced team members who are passionate about making our area solar powered hub. We make sure you don’t waste your hard earned money on rising utility bills rather investing in sustainable future like solar.

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